Amazing People Giving Of Their Time

medical-teamThe Straight Ahead initiative operates on a voluntary basis, with administrative support from the CMRF. Surgeons perform operations pro-bono. The Chairman and Board give their time and expertise for free.

A Volunteer Led Charity



Straight Ahead is a medical support group, affiliated to the CMRF which provides surgery, support and medical equipment for time critical children on HSE waiting lists. More >


Waiting is not an option

Children with major orthopaedic problems are often forced to wait for much needed surgery which would significantly and rapidly change their lives for the better.  Straight Ahead aims to help these ‘time-critical’ cases who are deteriorating while on HSE waiting lists. More >


Our Goal

By performing over 100 proccedures, Straight Ahead is operating at full capacity in terms of time and resources. We are now working with hospital management, radiology and the CMRF to fundraise for a National EOS Scanner. More >


How can you help?

By giving a donation, running an event, or taking on a sponsored challenge you can help us change the lives of children on HSE waiting lists.

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