International Scoliosis Awareness day 2020

Interview with Pat and Niamh 

International Scoliosis Awareness Day 2020 


As Scoliosis Awareness day was approaching we decided to ask if you all would like to opportunity to ask Pat Kiely  some questions about your child’s scoliosis or your own.

We put up on our Facebook page that this was going to happen on Saturday June 27th and asked all our followers to send in any questions they liked.

We have all been there,we thought we had all our questions either written down or in our heads to ask at our appointment and BOOM! when it was over we remembered we never asked!! How annoying is that?!

So on Saturday June 27th Pat sat down for an interview. He was at home on his day off.He was delighted to be asked!

Pat decided to invite Niamh McGowan who is a Clinical Spinal Specialist Physiotherapist at The Scoliosis Academy to answer some questions that came in relating to recovery,physio and her role in The Scoliosis Academy

We covered everything from casts, braces, VBT,ASC, pain,recovery,MAGEC rods,x-ray,EOS, Schroth, surgery and much more.

We made sure parents asked their children or teens the questions they wanted answers to – like can you be hit by lightening if you have rods? or if you have rods can you go on a roller-coaster?

Have a listen to the interview above

Happy International Scoliosis Awareness Day Everyone!!!