Latest News: We are fully funded for the next 18-24 months!

We have some news… we are fully funded for the next 18-24 months!

We would ask you if you are thinking of fundraising for us to please consider The CMRF as they have always ongoing needs and research.

Never in our wildest dreams when Straight Ahead completed the first surgery did we think we would help as many as we have. It was a dream, a wild dream of hope, of wanting to do something, anything to help kids waiting on lists. We just wanted to help and it was the recession when we started!

An anonymous donor donated and one teenager was taken off the list. Pat and Shane then had an idea of what if people could fundraise and potentially a handful more could maybe could get the surgery they were waiting on.

We didn’t even envision ten to be honest, but even if it was a couple more and it worked that would be a few less waiting. Surely we couldn’t take more, Sure that would be a pipe dream and not achievable right?!

Would people help us? Would they think this was important as much as we did?
We were welcomed with open arms by the CMRF and the great people of this country and indeed abroad too.

From bake sales to bike rides, from mountain climbing to walking a mile. Cork wore red and Santa’s wore red all for Straight Ahead. There was so many fantastic events.

Fast forward to now and we are at 144 patients treated.That’s 144 taken off the lists and treated purely because of people who wanted to help us.

We have said before many times but we wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for you great people.
We will continue to do all we can do going forward.

We are also so thankful to all the medical staff who have helped us since the beginning. Coming in on days off and working extra hours. We really think the world of you all for this. Time is precious and you all already work so hard.


Thank you so much to you all from the bottom of our hearts.
We have made friends for life that’s for sure.

It’s always been a team game with so many helping us to get surgeries done.

It’s been a journey but it ain’t over yet!

Thank you all once again

Pat, Shane and Deirdre ❤️