How do we address the problem?

Straight Ahead has developed extra surgical capacity, by collaborating with surgeons, staff, the management of Our Ladies Hospital for Sick Children, and other centres. The administration and logistical support is provided by CMRF, the children’s hospital charity foundation, allowing the organisation to remain lean and very target focussed.

In essence, the Straight Ahead team has donated their time, mopped up spare theatre capacity in the public health system (weekends and public holidays), used the generous donations of surgical implants from Irish and international medical provision companies, pulled together teams and created opportunities to operate on some of the children who most need help.

As a result, the cost of operations through Straight Ahead is significantly less than through the health service (with cost reductions of 50% or more). The result is, that children in danger of unnecessary or further deterioration, are spared further pain and suffering and quickly return to better function.

Thanks to the generosity of so many people and the time of dedicated fundraisers, including massive support from ‘The Laurels Charity Crew’, since its launch, over 83 children have received surgical treatment via Straight Ahead, supported by over €350,000 of raised funds.

Straight Ahead recognises, and is very supportive of the efforts of both Minister Varadkar and the HSE to rapidly increase capacity and ease the waiting lists for Children’s Orthopaedic surgeries.

Straight Ahead understands that theatre-building, equipment procurement and work-practice efficiencies are all being explored.

Nonetheless, children can’t and shouldn’t wait, so in the interim, Straight Ahead’s work will continue.