Callum Noble

callum-noble“My name is Callum Noble and I’m 15 years old. When I was born I caught an infection that took away 3 inches of my leg.

At age five, I had an operation to have it lengthened at  OLCH, under Mr David Moore and his team who included Marie Noonan.

At age 15 my leg became crooked and I had to have it broken and have an Illzarow frame fitted, with 9 bars from my hip to my knee. This operation was done thanks to Straight Ahead.

During my recovery the bottom part of my leg became crooked again, so the medical team had to break it and insert another 9 bars. Now, from my hip to my toe I have 18 bars.

I’m not going to lie. It’s painful. But I know that my leg will be reconstructed, and straight.

The worst part of this is missing my everyday life. My football, my friends and mostly, my golf.

But its harder having my parents do everything for me. Everything. But,  I’m loved, thank God, by my family.

I miss playing full on with my little brother and sister, but one year out of my life will be well worth it.

So thanks to Straight Ahead and to Our Ladies Children’s Hospital Crumlin Hospital. And here’s to my future.”