Sean Delaney

Sean-DelaneySean Delaney was born in February 2002. He has been attending OLHC since he was 7 days old. Sean had a diagnosis of Septic Arthritis of his hips and left knee. He had multiple minor surgeries as an infant and long term antibiotic therapy.

Sean has bilateral hip and a left knee anomaly, which affect the shape and length of his lower limbs and the way he walks.

On November 9th 2013 as a result of Straight Ahead, Sean had surgery on his left knee and left tibia. Over time, this surgery will enable his femur to straighten. On the same day, Sean also had an external fixator applied to his left tibia which will gradually corrected the deformity of his left tibia.

Sean is recovering well and is back at school with the fixation will remain in position on his limb for a period of 3 months. He will need surgery on his right hip at a future date.