Organise an event

Thank you for deciding to raise funds for Straight Ahead. Your generosity allows Straight Ahead to continue to provide life changing surgery to children who simply cannot wait any longer. Here are some tips to help you start fundraising.

1. Think Creatively

Creativity is the key to successful fundraising.  Keep the ideas simple. We have a list of Fundraising Ideas here to get you started. Maybe chat with friends or colleagues – try to think of something that fits well with your personality, your friends, your company, or your local community.  That way you will have far more fun!

View A-Z Fundraising Ideas

Feel free to contact us at to ask for support.

2. Set a Goal

How much time do you have to raise it? Who will you ask for support? Decide on the practicalities of how you will fundraise.  Think of who else can help. Try and get family, friends, work colleagues or neighbours to help with the planning and organising. It can be even more fun then!

3. Set up your online fundraising page

This will make it really easy for people to sponsor you. Straight Ahead is listed on and setting up your own fundraising page here is easy.

4. Promote

Make sure you inform as many people as possible Tell people about your event by inviting people to view your page online or via Social Media. People who will give you money and support your fundraising activities need to know about Straight Ahead and what we do. By telling them you will be able to persuade them to support you and our work for children in need of surgery.

5. Get Fundraising