“Straight Ahead is an amazing charity that has a great team with everyone playing an important role. I feel if every parent tried to do something however big or small we can, it would help to get children off the long hospital waiting lists and into theatre. It feels great to be a part of something so special.” – Angie Benhaffaf – mother of Hassan & Husein Benhaffaf

“We are absolutely delighted with what Straight Ahead and the Medical Team are doing for Sean and his Family. We can’t thank them enough for making it all possible . The support and help from our close family and friends and teachers to get ready for his surgeries is immense. Sean’s Sister and Brother are a great support to him and Because they know the Medical Team are taking care of him and the Straight Ahead Team are making it happen, they can spend more time having fun with their brother.” – Sean Delaney’s Family

“We would like to say a massive thanks to Straight Ahead for stepping in and getting Niamh’s operation done for her. It was heart breaking to have it cancelled 5 times in the space of a year. We are delighted with her progress. Mr Kiely and his staff do a remarkable job.” – Gwen Harkin (mother of Niamh Harkin)